“The Surprising Secret To Making An Extra 10K In Your Business In 90 Days Or Less”

You can make more profit and have more spare time by systemising your business and following the 5 step profit formula.

Here’s how.

You should have properly written out processes so that everyone knows exactly what to do, when and in what order.

You need a lead generation process, a follow up process and a sales conversion process.

You also need systems covering financial procedures, admin, and team activities.

When you install systems you become more efficient.

You generate more business at lower cost and you have more spare time.

For a typical business if you make even 5% improvements in 4 key numbers you can add 40% to 50% or more to your profit.

Here’s how it works:

Initial          5% Improvement

Average Price*                            1000                1050

Volume*                                       1000                1050

Variable Cost of Goods Sold*  (700)              (665)

Gross Margin                              30%                 36.67%

Gross Profit                                 300,000         404250

Fixed Overhead Costs*            (200000)       (190000)

Net Operating Profit                 100000           214250 (+142.5%!)

You can easily see how putting a few systems in place and making small improvements in your key numbers can transform your business.

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