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How To Transform Your Existing Marketing

Here are 10 key elements you should include in your marketing pieces, whether verbal or written. The more of them you can include, the better.

  1. You should address a clearly defined target market and position yourself as a specialist or expert
  2. Focus on an issue or concern that people in your target market are thinking about. Your headline or first statement should INTERRUPT by highlighting this issue.
  3. Promise them a solution in your sub headline or second thing you say. This is how you engage your target prospects and keep their attention.
  4. Explain  your “differentiator” which is what makes you stand out.  That’s how you avoid having to compete on price.
  5. You need to include an irresistible, low or no risk offer.
  6. Explain all the features and benefits of your offering. Your prospects buy emotionally, based on benefits. They then justify their purchase with the features, using logic.
  7. Include some social proof, such as testimonials, clippings and qualifications. This reduces the perceived risks of dealing with you for the first time.
  8. Give your prospects a cast iron guarantee to eliminate any perceived risk of buying from you.
  9. You need to explain why what you are offering is not “too good to be true”.
  10. You should always have a call to action with a “stimulator”.  Create either scarcity or a deadline so your prospects overcome their natural inertia and act now.