Crisis Or Opportunity?

Crisis or Opportunity?

Many of us business owners spend much of our time being busy being busy.

Stephen Covey, in “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People” talked about segment 2, things that are important but not urgent.

These are the things that many busy business owners struggle to find time for.

The enforced spare time we may be experiencing right now gives us an opportunity to work on ourselves and our business.

Here are some of the important things you could be doing:

  • Set time aside to write out your values and your goals
  • Work on your skills by completing training programmes and courses you’ve invested in
  • Read relevant self-help books and listen to audios
  • Build in a “golden hour” to do so
  • Identify your ideal customer or client
  • Identify what problem you can solve for them
  • Work out your differentiator to get away from having to compete on price
  • Map out your sales process
  • Set up your follow up processes
  • Work out your cross sell, up-sell and down-sell
  • Work out how to bundle and package your products and services
  • Work out your powerful guarantee
  • Decide on your irresistible offer and lead magnet
  • Write out your customer re-activation letter
  • Draw up your testimonials strategy
  • Realise the possibilities of Zoom and other remote communication options and consider whether you could permanently change any of your working practices.

So while I don’t want to downplay the threat to ourselves, our businesses and the wider economy right now, you do also have  opportunities as a result of the enforced idleness some are experiencing.



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