Are You Sitting On Acres Of Diamonds?

Your existing  customers are your “Acres of diamonds”.

This is a true tale of a farmer in Africa. He sold his farm to go prospecting for diamonds only to find out subsequently that his farm had been a giant diamond field. He’d literally been sitting on acres of diamonds all along.

One of the best ways you can rejuvenate business is to find your stray clients and offer them something amazing. First you need to understand why they strayed and are no longer purchasing from you. There are generally four reasons why customers/clients leave. They are:

  1. Unrelated causes that have nothing to do with you
  2. A problem with their last purchase
  3. No longer benefit from your products/services
  4. They feel you have not kept in touch with them sufficiently. This is the major category and 67% of customers or clients go elsewhere because of this.

The best way to bring these clients back is to simply contact them. If you don’t make the first move, they’ll never come back. You make an appointment to visit them or call them if it’s not possible to meet in person. Or you send them a personalized letter.

Talk openly with your stray clients. Let them know you noticed they were no longer working with you and that you’d like to talk with them about their experiences with you and how you can improve things to work together again.

Take the time to make them feel special and work hard to make sure their experiences with you going forward are the best ever.

Better still, make them a limited time “Godfather” offer that’s too good to refuse.

You’ll find that a fair proportion of them will take you up on that offer and become active customers again.

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