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How To Maximise The Profitability Of Your Customer Base

80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients, and those 20% are your ideal customers. Generally, these customers are loyal, spend a lot and spend often. They may be demanding, or ask you to stretch a little bit further, but they’re fair and they’re profitable. You make a substantial amount of money from them. You want to keep these customers in your business, and keep them exceptionally happy. The rest of your customers can be sorted on a sliding scale all the way down to your c-list, or unprofitable customers. These are the people who waste your time, energy

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How To Reduce Your Costs & Boost Your Bottom Line

How To Reduce Your Costs & Boost Your Bottom Line. Cost management may seem like an obvious way of maintaining a healthy business, but it is also one of the primary reasons 80% of small businesses fail. Overspending is a huge problem for most businesses – and they don’t even realize it. Most importantly, cost management will help keep your business profitable through high and low periods. It’s easy to spend money when your company is doing well, but this leaves little in the “just in case” account for downturns in the economy or unexpected expenses. Cost cutting is also

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