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How To Increase Your Lead Conversion Rate & Transform Your Profit

Many small business owners could improve their lead conversion rates dramatically by focusing on it.  You need a sales conversion process or system.  Here is an example of how a 10% and 30% increase in conversions can impact your total profit. Starting Point 10% Increase 30% Increase Leads 4,500 Leads 4,500 Leads 4,500 Conversion Rate 30% Conversion Rate 33% (10% increase) Conversion Rate 39% (30% increase) Customers 1350 Customers 1485 Customers 1755 Transactions 1.3 Transactions 1.3 Transactions 1.3 Average £ / $ Sale 140 Average Sale 140 Average Sale 140 Revenue 245,700 Revenue 270,270 Revenue 319,410 Margins 24% Margins 24%

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“How To Transform Your Profitability By Improving Your Pricing Strategy”

The easiest way to boost your profit margins is something most business owners are scared of, increase your prices. Many small businesses haven’t changed their prices since they opened. They set their prices based on the cost of the product or service, the competitors price, and a modest profit margin. Now, like many, they’re fearful that they’ll lose some customers if they increase their prices. We’ll they’re right. You’ll absolutely lose some of your sales volume with a new pricing strategy. However, as long as the increase in price makes up the initial difference, you’re on your way to a

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