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How To Double Your Sales With A Powerful Risk Reversal Guarantee

The concept of Risk Reversal is simple – but it requires some boldness. It means that YOU, the businessperson looking to close a sale, should identify the various reasons a potential customer would hesitate to buy. You then think of little things you can do to overcome those reasons. The Risk Reversal is like a Guarantee – but way more powerful. It’s a “guarantee on steroids”. A “Godfather“ guarantee. The kind a buyer cannot turn away from because the buyer has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Before we go there…let’s look at the Basic Guarantee that 90% of online and offline

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Are You Making As Much Profit As You Think?

A common mistake is to think you are making higher profit margins than you actually are. Let’s say it costs you $£70 to either buy in or produce what you sell. (This is called COGS which stands for cost of goods sold). You decide you want to make 30% profit on it. So you add on 30% of 70 which is 21. This is called a 30% mark up. Your GROSS Profit margin is your gross profit (21) divided by your price multiplied by 100. In this case 21/91 x 100 = 23% NOT 30%. To make 30% gross profit

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